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Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

For the best time of your life. We select the best design and a diamond ring. And then make your choice here.

Wedding Set

Wedding Set

Diamond Jewelry Set. For marriage.

Working Women

Working Women

Simple ring design. With diamond size. For women that focuses on versatility. But love luxury. Worn every day.


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  • Finest CZ Stone for Jewelry

    Diamond used to make jewelry is a CZ (Cubic Zirconia), high quality array of jewelry imported from USA, most sparkling like diamonds. Even experts in the diamond industry. Is can not be separated to the naked eye but to expand the identification. U...

    1 year warranty

    How to use the service. - If the product is defective. Or a new coat. The product is defective. And with full warranty. Submitting them to the store within the eye. Gems clones. The fields specified in the warranty card. Then the employees subject t...

    Pata’ awarded businesses

    Pata' Jewelcloning was one of the 20 franchise businesses that met the stringent standard by the Department of Business Development within the Ministry of Commerce, on March 17,2005. The Ministry of Commerce, in its promotion of complete cyc...

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